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Our SEO services are designed to provide you with responsive, targeted website traffic from Google

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With more than 6.5 billion searches conducted every day, search engines remain the most important method of traffic generation. Cloudyne SEO packages combine local and national SEO. We combine technical optimisation with content creation and off-page link building. Our SEO experts ensure that your website ranks highly for relevant keywords. This delivers targeted traffic to the most important pages of your site and ensures high conversion rates. You enjoy increased traffic and conversion rates culminating in improved revenue levels for your business.

First Page Results

75% of users never scroll past the first search result page. What’s more, if you can reach the top spot in Google, you can expect to receive 35% of traffic for that search term.

Reaching the top page and top positions for your targeted keywords is essential and our SEO services are geared towards helping you grab your share of 6.5 billion daily searches.


46% of searches on Google are local searches; people looking for a local shop, restaurant, hotel, or other business. Google now incorporates local pack results in most of these searches, highlighting the importance for local SEO efforts. As well as ensuring that you have accurate business details listed on Google, you will also need to build reputable reviews and local citations to help improve your position in the local pack.

Dominate Search Results Pages

50% of users are more likely to click through to a website if it appears multiple times in SERPs. Top position demands a 35% CTR, while 2nd position attracts 15% and position 3 achieves a 10% CTR. The more branded results you have in the top positions, the more likely you are to attract clicks.

Dominating the first page also improves your branding efforts. Your brand will receive more views, and your potential market becomes increasingly likely to remember your name.

Our SEO Services

SEO is as important to businesses now as it was 10 years ago; arguably more so, as the number of daily searches continues to increase. At Cloudyne, we design attractive and functional websites, and we ensure that your website is SEO ready. We also provide full search optimisation pages to help you dominate search. We offer both local and national SEO and provide a full spectrum of services from keyword research to ethical link building.

Flexible Contracts And Transparent Work

Your SEO efforts need to scale with your business, which is why we offer flexible contract offers. Pricing starts from £55 per hour, including all technical, on-page, and off-page optimisation. We offer minimal contract terms, and all pricing is transparent. As well as competitive pricing, we offer ethical SEO practices that will not endanger your website or your business.

Technical SEO

Bounce rate doubles if a site takes 2 seconds longer to load. Google aims to promote those sites that offer the best user experience. This means that your website needs to be easily crawled by search engine spiders. It also needs to load quickly and reliably, provide access to all users, and offer a consistent and reliable experience. Even a simple technical error on your site can prevent Google from accessing your site, and it can greatly reduce conversion rates.

Technical analysis is the first stage of any SEO project we undertake. Having a technically reliable site means that you benefit from the rest of your SEO efforts.

Targeted, Relevant Keywords

Half of all searches contain four or more words. Long tail search terms typically attract fewer searches. However, top positions for these keywords are not only more achievable but drive better targeted visitors to the pages of your website.

Our keyword research determines the terms that potential visitors are using. As well as relevance, we determine search volume, like demographics, and ensure that we don’t target ambiguous terms. Once we have determined relevant keywords for your business, we incorporate those keywords into on-page and off-page optimisation.

Keywords are not only important to search engines. They are an important aspect in user experience, confirming that the content is relevant to the use and helping keep them on page.

Keyword Analysis

Following competitor analysis, we will develop a list of keywords for every page of your site. These keywords form the basis for on-page content, and they are used during the link building phase of a project. Keywords need to be targeted and attract some search volume to make them worthwhile.

Content Optimisation

72% of marketers say the most effective tactic is the creation of high-quality content, and Google agrees. Using the keywords we generated, we write high quality content that not only appeals to Google but to human visitors, as well. The content is written to help your site reach the upper echelons of search results pages while converting your visitors to paying customers.

As well as page content, we can also create regular blog posts and other page content. Supporting pages encourage visitors to stay on your site, rather than leave and visit a competitor, and can attract long-tail keyword search traffic that you would otherwise miss out on.

Ethical Link Building

Once technical work and the initial content writing has been completed, it is time to start developing high quality links. Using a combination of citation building, guest posting, and other link building techniques, we can further push your web pages up the search engines to help you achieve the coveted top spots.

Cloudyne – Kent SEO Agency

Our SEO services are designed to provide you with responsive, targeted website traffic from Google. We ensure all our work is ethical and meets Google’s terms and conditions, to avoid penalties. While our work is designed to dominate Google, we don’t overlook the human factor – content is optimised to help encourage conversions and sales.

Contact us and we can provide you with a competitive quote for your SEO campaign or answer any queries you have about the process and services.